Dear Scientists;

We are pleased and happy to be together with you, the scientists who contribute to the scientific field and literature, with the "4th International Materials Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Congress (IMEAMTC'25)" to be held online.

In the congress, there are many topics related to the fields of Materials Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, the manufacture and development of strategic products. We sincerely thank you, our esteemed participants, who did not leave us alone in our organization and would contribute to our work.

Our congress will be held in Istanbul with the participation of domestic and foreign universities. Our congress hosts scientific studies in the fields of Materials engineering, studies developed for the Defense Industry, and the processing, use and dissemination of advanced technological products made in Advanced Manufacturing Technologies and applications. Scientific studies, which are determined in detail on the congress subjects page, will be included in our congress. Based on the universality principle of science, we aim to contribute to the cooperation of the participants with other disciplines by ensuring that many International Materials Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies studies, which we cannot list here, such as material design, new technological productions and strategies, Advanced Production Technologies, Superconductors, Sustainable and Green Production, Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing applications, Machine Tool Technology in Manufacturing, Powder Metallurgy and Ceramic Forming, Production Planning, Optimization and Simulation Applications, ANSYS Analysis, Flowforming applications to be made in accordance with today's and especially the technologies of the future.

Our expectation is that every participant and valuable people of the science and business world who follow our congress will follow our congress with pleasure and benefit from the sharing. We thank you in advance for all your support, participation and suggestions, and we look forward to your participation in our congress.


Prof. Dr. Fevzi BEDR

Gebze Technical University - Turkey

Congress Chair

Prof. Dr. Marwan KHRAISHEH

Texas A&M University - Qatar

Congress Co-Chair

Prof. Dr. Masaaki NAKAI

Kindai University - Japan

Congress Co-Chair